My name is Matt, the owner of Fitletix. I would like to explain to you the story behind Fitletix, why it was started and its progress thus far! Your attention is much appreciated!

I started Fitletix for many, many reasons.

1. I have a true passion for the fitness lifestyle and the idea of "look good, feel good". I combined both of these attributes and incorporated them into Fitletix. Fitletix clothing is designed and constructed for fitness-minded people that enjoy looking good, therefore feeling better about themselves. It's a win-win.

2. I always find myself changing things about the clothing I personally buy, whether it be the length, fit, style, etc. I thought it would be best to design my own clothing and make it exactly how I want it. 

3. I can't stand the fact that a lot of the fitness brands out there are charging outrageous prices for their "premium products". One big thing we want to do is introduce a brand that puts out the highest quality products at a very affordable (low) price.

4. I LOVE the idea of creating a product or service from nothing and putting it out to the public and hearing positive feedback. I love creating products that people love and use often. 


Fitletix has been doing well, but I know we can do much better. This market is SUPER saturated and many people tried telling me not to enter. I accepted the challenge and I worked my ass off to make sure Fitletix gets noticed, in which it has. From our launch, we have sent out exactly 947 orders. We hit all 50 states of the U.S. and 5 other countries around the world. Pretty good for being in business for 5 months as a very small start-up I must say. We have no plans on stopping anytime soon... In it for the long haul.

We thank each and every one of you that has shown support for Fitletix. Those who have been with us from the beginning and all of our newest customers. Thank you. 


I have been working very hard to make sure Fitletix has only the best quality materials on the market. Our brand new material blends will be showcased in our next launch this April of 2018. This next launch will put us on the map. Mark my words.