April Launch Success

As many of you may know we recently had to change our brand name from "Xcel" to "Fitletix." We are still the same company, have the same logo, showcase the same dope products at low prices, sample people behind the company, just a different name. 

Our most recent launch (the Revival Line) on April 14, 2018 was a massive success. We appreciate everyone who had placed an order on launch day. It means the world to us! We also appreciate the people who stuck with us through our name change. You have no idea how much that means to us. Every single customer who was with us before the name change and has placed an order from this new collection will receive an extra 200 loyalty points added to their accounts as a token of our appreciation :)

Grab yourself some items from our Revival Line while you still can. Best quality for a very, very good price. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.